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Latest Non-Surgical Alternatives to Liposuction
We are so confident in the results with our advanced medi spa treatment technologies that we provide a no-obligation Free Trial and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

At Therapolis, we lead the field in Slimming & Fat Loss treatments. We use the world’s latest award-winning technologies in our cutting-edge Medi Spa for the most advanced non-surgical results possible.

We invest heavily in the world’s latest non-invasive medi spa  technology to bring your the very best clinically proven treatments, with the results you deserve.

Aesthetic Awards 2013

Therapolis’ medi spa body treatment technologies target your fat cells directly and causes a safe, comfortable selectively targeted cellular destruction, causing the fat call and its contents to dissolve within the body. Previously, fat loss technology only caused reduction of the fat cell’s contents. Today, with Therapolis’ latest cutting-edge technology we can physically eliminate the actual fat cells providing a permanent solution to slimming, fat loss and cellulite, giving you with the results you have been waiting for.


Our Slimming & Fat Loss Treatments

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We offer a free initial consultation to determine the most suitable Slimming & Fat Loss technologies for you needs
At Therapolis, we understand that whilst you might know why you are coming to see us, you might not know what is the most effective program to treat your specific needs.

That’s why we offer a free body consultation with one of our specialists to discover what’s right for you. After all, who better to speak to about your needs, than an expert.

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